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The BOX” without Waist Sculptor

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Does Not Include #DBC Waist Sculptor Included. 

Finally Experience a Inexpensive but FUN way to workout “IN SYNC” with our Group Training with our customized exercise equipment. 

“The Box” is highly recommended from our Gymnetics Fitness team trainers so we can all finally experience a the same calorie blasting, sweat drenching workouts right in the comfort of your home. 


1. BGGV ProtectHER Edge Hair Sweat Protector
2. Any Surface Core Gliders
3. Weighted Body Rope
4. Upper Body Resistance Rower
5. 3 Pack Non Slip Knit Resistance Band Trio (Light, Medium, Heavy Resistance) 

This Version Does NOT include Double Body Curve Waist Sculptor! 




✨The ProtectHER Edge Wrap: Safe and stylish! Protect your cuteness with this light weight material that strikes a balance between breathability and comfort. The ProtectHER can double as a HAIR or Facial Mask. Polyester Spandex.

✨Any Surface Core Gliders: This dual sided body glider (because it can used for full body sculpting) is a KILLER. Portable and light weight, tone sculpt and challenge your arms chest legs and more with this tiny bit might machine.

✨Weighted Body Rope: Watch how quick your body transforms with this must have at home piece! We all know this multifaceted piece comes with a slew of great benefits.

✨Upper Body Resistance Rower: Arms, Core, Back + Shoulder! This piece target everyyyy muscle group, easy to use and easy to store away!

✨Knit Resistance Band Trio: Take your glute and lower body exercises to the next level with our non slip resistance trio set. Build. Tone. Sculpt.